Counselling Swansea


RelationshipWorks is an Independent therapeutic organisation set up in 2004.  In addition to offering a general Psychotherapy and Counselling service, we offer specialist services in the following areas:

Mental health, Alcohol & Drug use

Eating disorders and Self-harm

Counselling For Blokes

Counselling for Older Adults

Supervision & Consultation

Training Workshops

We use a flexible and adaptable approach to psychotherapy, counselling, supervision and training; we prioritise developing an effective working relationship with all those we see, and tailor our methods according to individual needs.  A good therapeutic relationship has been shown to be the basis of all successful therapy, and all staff have a minimum of 6 years postgraduate training in Counselling, Psychotherapy & Supervision, together with many years experience in a wide variety of relevant Statutory, Voluntary and Independent sector organisations.

We offer our Psychotherapy & Counselling services to:

Individuals, partners, couples & family members

We offer Supervision & Consultation to:
Individuals, groups, teams & organisations in both community & residential settings

All our services are completely confidential

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