Fees, Equal Opps, Code of Ethics & GDPR

RelationshipWorks – Fees, Equal Opportunities & Codes of Ethics

RelationshipWorks is grounded in Equal Opportunities, and for us this means charging fees that clients can realistically afford. Obviously services cost money, and to train in counselling & psychotherapy can be costly. That said, we do believe that it is quite possible to run a service in such a way that everyone benefits, and all are treated fairly irrespective of circumstances.

Current Charges:

Individual Sessions: £10- £45
Couple & family £15-£45
Supervision £10 – £45

Services for Groups, Teams and Organisations are subject to individual negotiation according to services required. This includes Group & Team Supervision & Consultation, and Training Workshops.

Equal Opportunities

Our core belief is that difficulties primarily develop between people rather than in people, and that everyone can benefit from good contact with others. We approach Equal Opportunities in the same way, and positively welcome individuals whatever their experience, race background, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs and needs. We are concerned to form and sustain good working relationships with each individual we see, and learn from that contact.

Code of Ethics

Each practitioner is a member of a professional body, follows a code of ethics, and is professionally insured for all work undertaken.

Martyn Wood-Bevan: Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals (FDAP)
Rosy Wood-Bevan: United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy

General Data Protection Regulations

As of the new GDPR Regulations coming into force on 25. 05.18. we will ask you to sign a privacy statement if you work with us. This gives your consent to our holding a minimal amount of information about you. These will comprise: contact details, brief account of presenting issues as obtained in the first session, record of appointments and fees paid, any reports that you or a third party (with your written consent) requests concerning our work together.
This will be kept for a minimum of 7 years, in line with the requirements of professional bodies and insurers.


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