Services We Offer

Specialist Services That We Offer

We offer general Counselling & Psychotherapy, for a wide range of individual problems and concerns. This includes relationships, identity and self-esteem, families, work matters, sexual issues, violence & abuse, and many more – please enquire.

In addition we offer specialist services in the following areas:

1. Mental Health, Alcohol & Drugs, Eating Disorders & Self-harm:

All staff are qualified and experienced in working in the above areas. We appreciate that we all have to find ways of coping with life, and can develop difficulties in any of these areas. Our ways of coping persist because we usually gain more than we lose by adopting them. We seek to help individuals understand their particular challenges and methods of coping, and to develop more effective and less damaging ways of managing their situation.

Our experience in working in the following (psychiatric hospitals, in residential projects & therapeutic communities with the elderly mentally ill & with complex mental health needs, alcohol and drug counselling services, eating disorder services and several other agencies) has influenced the way in which we work with the above areas. Our understanding of how such difficulties develop, together with our understanding of people’s needs means that we are able to develop effective & cooperative ways of helping them make significant improvements in their lives as a whole, and come to terms with their underlying difficulties.

2. Counselling for Blokes:

Many men can be wary of using counselling services for a variety of reasons. We think that it is important to adapt our style and understanding so that men can get the best from any counselling that they undertake with us, and cover all sorts of specific personal and relationship matters in complete confidence – involving partners and others as necessary. It is a big decision to seek counselling, and we want to make it a good and effective decision, by working in the most suitable way with each individual.

3. Mature RelationshipWorks (60+):

Older Adults can often have very specific concerns as a result of the stage of life that they have reached, which we take into account in our approach. We are able, additionally, to offer a home visiting service as appropriate, especially where mobility or confidence may be a concern.

Several older people find later life quite a challenge; many have significant long term regrets. Several have to come to terms with multiple bereavements. Other issues include loneliness and isolation, lack of purpose and meaning, loss of confidence, relationships and family matters. We seek to work in a thoughtful manner, and help each individual get his or her life on track in a positive manner.

We do offer home visits where helpful, including in residential settings.
Additionally we offer reduced fees according to need.

4. Counselling for Younger People:

We are able to offer counselling to people under the age of 18, with the agreement of their parent or guardian as appropriate. Confidentiality is to be agreed beforehand, and any boundaries to be carefully observed between all parties involved. We also work with family members as appropriate.

We feel that it is very important that each younger person is able to have absolute confidence to share matters of concern to him or her.

5. Supervision, Training & Consultation:

We offer all the above to individuals, groups, teams and organisations, subject to individual negotiation. We offer a range of Training Workshops on a wide variety of specialist themes, and can provide details as requested, by ‘phone, email or post.

We are able to offer One and Two Day Workshops on a wide variety of topics. These include Self Harm, Working with Men, Eating Disorders, & Styles of Therapeutic Relating.

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